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How to download Juegos de Carros APK at

Traemos para tí dos fantásticos Juegos de Carros, diseñados para que puedas jugar con tu dedo en la pantalla táctil de tu Android.

Esta aplicación Android no requiere conectividad a Internet y por lo tanto no te consumirá datos para cargar el juego o mientras juegas.

Estos juegos utilizan tecnología HTML5 para garantizar funcionamiento en las versiones recientes y futuras del sistema operativo Android. Debido a esto toma nota que necesitas un dispositivo Android de buena potencia, con al menos 1 gigabyte de memoria y procesador dual core o superior.

Juegos incluídos en esta selección:

Pista Eléctrica: Controla el acelerador de tu carro miniatura en las pistas eléctricas para que no descarrile

Manejo Experto: Maneja tu carro a velocidad en esta carretera para ganar, esquiva o salta a los otros carros

How to download Dai Chien Than Thu (Offline) APK at

Đại Chiến Thần Thú là game mobile hấp dẫn. Nội dung game Đại Chiến Thần Thú kể về một thế giới kỳ bí. Nơi mà có các thần thú đặc biệt, nơi bạn có thể thỏa sức thu phục, huấn luyện, và chiến đấu.
Với giao diện Đại Chiến Thần Thú HD sẽ mang lại cảm giác chiến đấu chân thực. Các Thần thú đại chiến vô cùng sống động. Bạn có thể thỏa sức điều khiển các thần thú của mình trong chiến đấu. Với các đấu trường thú khác nhau bạn cần phải chinh phục để trở thành nhà huấn luyện thú tài ba.
Đại Chiến Thần Thú có nhiều chức năng hấp dẫn để bạn có thể thu phục, nâng cấp, huấn luyện thú của mình.
Đại Chiến Thần Thú rất đa dạng các loài thú khác nhau để bạn thỏa sức khám phá.
Hãy cùng tham gia vào Đại Chiến Thần Thú để làm bạn với những loài thú vô cùng đặc biệt và đáng yêu.


How to download Preguntas Divertidas APK at

Sabes mucho ? Compruebalo.Juega con tu familia y amigos,diviertete y aprende más.

How to download SudokuSplashzone APK at

Millions of unique sudoku games.

Features sudoku variations:


with 4 levels Easy, Skilled, Advanced or Hard and Expert or Evil.

Sudoku Ebook: Fully customizable ebook to your email.

Email uncompleted game with play state.

Usable without internet connection.

How to download Big Wrestling Quiz APK at

The best of WWE WWF TNA & UFC Superstars packed in one awesome trivia game.

It's time to guess that wrestler, that fighter, that idol you've looked up to all your life.

Its RAW entertainment. Lay down the smackdown by finishing all levels & be the undisputed wrestling quiz champion of the world.

Are you the ultimate wrestling fan? Show us by naming over 105 famous wrestlers in fun and addictive Wrestling Trivia Ultimate Quiz.

-105 Levels of Musical Mystery Mania

- Buy coins from the store for hints and tips - If you get stuck !!!


Shuffle Letters - Use the Shuffle button to scramble the letter clues to try and get a better clue to your guessing the answer.

Expose A Letter - Using this hint will reveal a random letter in the puzzle. Use this hint when you need an extra nudge to guess the icon on a hard question!

Remove The Letters - This hint removes all letters from the board which are NOT USED in the puzzle game. This hint can be very helpful on shorter puzzles. Use it wisely!

Earn Coins : Don't want to buy coins.. Watch a video when you're stuck and get going.. but remember it won't last long :-p

Download Now !!!
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How to download City Hill Climb 3D APK at

City Hill Climb 3D

3D climbing physics

Impressive sections at different levels

Moving and Different Types of Barriers

Select the appropriate size of the different control options

Simple and stylish menu designs

This game is designed for people of all ages , Suitable for all boys and girls

Realistic car sounds and fun game music

How to install Bible Heroes The Game APK at

Thanks to the Youth Department at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, here is Heroes the Game for Android!

Now is partnership with iFreex. Register free to win prizes by playing the game:

This Game will bring back some of the forgotten Heroes of old. Learn their stories and test your knowledge before the merciless time runs out. Collect manna as you answer questions correctly and equip yourself with the Jonah and Jesus Effect which will help you go further into their stories.

*How many questions can you answer in 60 seconds?
*How much manna can you collect?
*How can the Joshua and Lazarus Effect help you?
*Can your friends score more points than you?

These crucial questions can only be answered when you download and play Heroes the Game...

The Heroes Hall of Fame is right here:

Abraham - Father of Nations
Esther - Queen of Courage
Ruth - Wise Widow
David - Giant Slayer
Daniel - Wise Seer
Jesus - The Lion of Judah
Peter - The Rock
Mary M - Tomb Raider
Mary - Guardian
John - Son of Thunder
Paul - Globe Trotter

...go on, it's a lot of fun and it might change your life!

How to download Let Me Grow APK at

Flowers, gnomes and ducts have one purpose: to wet, soak, dip, drench, irrigate the turf for the thirsty plants foliage to bloom and smell scent in the steep parkland.

This new and free game Let me grow will make you a virtual gardener! Just like in "FarmVille" you have to make your flowers bloom again by leading the water supply in their direction. Move the anicuts so the water flows towards them, but be careful that the garden gnomes are not watered as well. Try the different taps to lead the water supply in the right direction. To find the proper combination, you will have to puzzle over the possibilities and use your logical thinking.

The flowers and their foliage and thirsty because of the arid weather. It is so warmth that the foliage of the flowers will burn down. Only the midget, dwarf and the pipeline are immune to it.
You, my gardener, are the only hope! Use your brain to guide the water so that it can soak, wet, irrigate,steep, dip and drench the arid turf and the plants foliage so they won't be thirsty anymore. Don’t you want a beautiful scent smelling parkland? Be aware! The attractive gnomes with their sympathetic fez don't need to touch water. They are built of clay and if they go wet they start to dissolve. Therefore use smartly the ducts and the anicuts to irrigate, soak, dip, steep, drench, wet just turf and the plants with their arid foliage.

✔ 100% addiction (You will be addicted after the first two levels)
✔ 100% educational for developing the logical thinking
✔ Awesome HD graphics
✔ 28 levels with ascending difficulty
✔ Cool top quality sounds
✔ Last but not least addictive educational entertainment

★ If you drench, soak, wet, irrigate, steep, dip the turf and the plants with their arid petals keep an eye for omitting the gnomes. As they'll dissolve in water!
★ A good gardener always reduces the exaggerated warmth of the plants with ducts or pipelines to keep them healthy
★ There's no time at all. You can think how much you wish or just dream of the perfect parkland with dipped, steep, drenched, irrigated, soaked turf and plants that are no thirsty anymore and smell incredibly scent and perfume.

Having problems with Let Me Grow? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you! You can connect with us through this email [email protected]