How to download Prayer Juz Amma Shalawat Nabi APK at

Applications that contain basic education Islamic religious teachings in everyday activities in the form of rote prayer, rote short letters of the Qur'an.
Besides, it is also included shalawat / sholawat Prophet with the intention of children could be able to love and imitate the morality of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

Only quite fetching one to enjoy this app, then do not need an internet connection again

How to install Materi Belajar Lengkap Anak TK & PAUD APK at

game edukasi adalah Aplikasi yang berisikan materi pengenalan huruf, angka, warna, bentuk, buah-buahan dan hewan.
Aplikasi ini disertai juga materi latihan untuk mengasah daya tangkap putra-putri kesayangan dan dalam aplikasi ini disertai juga latihan menulis.

Semoga bermanfaat

How to install Metamorphabet APK at

Metamorphabet is a playful, interactive alphabet for all ages. Poke, prod, drag, and spin each of the 26 letters of the alphabet to reveal surprising and luminous transformations.

• Over 90 words, each pronounced in a clear, gentle voice
• Responsive, easy-to-use interface is ideal for kids
• Adults will enjoy Metamorphabet's fluid interactions and gorgeous visuals

NOTE: All words, spellings and pronunciations are American-style English.

"The first video game I'll let my four-year-old kid play all by herself." - Kotaku

"Metamorphabet might just be the perfect introduction to touchscreens... Unlike most educational games, it's more playful than instructive, more of a toy than a textbook." - Verge

"An odd and playful little toy that you'll keep tapping, touching, and twisting." - Pocket Gamer

"I was surprised at just how easy it was for my son to play with this app. He immediately took to it." - The Dadcade

How to download Spelling Game - Fruit Vegetable Spelling learning APK at

Spelling learning was very irritating in children even kids didn't want to learn long words. Why are we not give them a very easy coaching with lots of fun? Yes, here I am talking about the "Fruit Vegetables Spelling learning game - Spelling Games". It having with 10 exercise which gives preschooler to learning very very faster and sharper way than another way. orthography is the conventional spelling games system of a language to learn to spell.

It had "Dictate with me" exercise also which is create curiosity in Kids to learning spelling and master in it. It is the wonderful game with a collection of delicious fruits and healthy vegetables. It increases toddlers knowledge with learning, reading, and understanding on fruits and vegetables because it is an edutainment game. We can say it is a helper of kids learning or spelling learning game.

It increases brain power and increases toddlers IQ because it had brain exercise also. It's the best way to increase our kid's knowledge through our different 10 spelling games activities. This spelling learning game helps them to learn fruits, learning vegetables, fruit spelling, vegetable spelling, identify the fruit and vegetables and lots with fun. This game will help to learn fruits and vegetables very quick and effective way and practice have fun with other games like Dictate, Tap, arrange, drag, pick, pair, find, spelling finding and also all other fun game with ultimate scratchpad.


1. Beginner track (Beginner): Toddlers learn the spelling of fruits and vegetables learning.
2. Dictate with me (Beginner): Children will improve power on spelling where kids also speak spelling with it.
3. Tap me (Beginner): Kids will make confident on the spelling of fruits and vegetables.
4. Arrange me (Intermediate & Expert): Now your kids have on intermediate level. Kids can identify the correct spelling and arrange it in the correct order.
5. Drag me (Intermediate): Kids understand the correct spelling of fruits and vegetables.
6. Pick correct (Intermediate): Kids fill confident on spelling
7. Pair me (Expert): Now your kids is/are an expert on the spelling of fruits and vegetables. Perfect exercise to remember the fruits and vegetables' spelling.
8. Find number (Expert & Fun): Kids identify the fruits and vegetables, so they can have confidence on fruits and vegetables
9. Find spelling (Expert & Fun): kids identify the spelling of fruits and vegetables, so they can have confidence on spelling of fruits and vegetables
10. Scratchpad (Fun and Learn Game): fruits and vegetable fun game to learn and fun. Kids Enjoy it.

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How to download Thinkrolls 2 - Logic Puzzles APK at

★ Google Play Award Winner 2016 - Best Families App ★

Thinkrolls 2 is an enlightening logic puzzler for kids 3-9 years old. Take pride in your children's achievements, as they sharpen their minds and solve increasingly challenging puzzles, all while having fun! Thinkrolls 2 is molding the next generation of scientific geniuses and will have the whole family enthralled!

USA Today - "Thinkrolls 2 delivers exciting puzzle play while kids control an effervescent group of sentient rolling balls"
Editor's Choice by Children's Technology Review (A+), TeachersWithApps, TechWithKids, BestAppsForKids
148apps - "A Masterful Sequel"
TechWithKids - "Riotous fun that shouldn't be missed!"
GeeksWithJuniors - "A great sequel to one of our favorite puzzle platformer games for kids!"

Children must use all their wits to navigate 32 spunky characters through 270 levels of increasingly complex mazes (135 for ages 3-5 and 135 for ages 5-9). Whether fans of the original, highly addictive rolling ball platformer clamoring for more, or new to the world of these irresistible balls with the pocketfuls of personality, Thinkrolls 2 will prove a thought provoking challenge second to none!

This clever game of logic keeps kids on their toes as they use properties of matter and basic physics to make their Thinkrolls not only roll, but float, glide and teleport through a series of themed chapters. Each gradually introduces a new scientific concept in an accessible, easy to understand way. As kids explore and master, through trial and error, how to navigate the twists, turns and many pitfalls, they gain confidence in their deductive reasoning and ability to problem solve.  

Completing the puzzles requires juggling multiple possibilities, but by thoughtfully combining elements and planning moves well in advance, players keep their Thinkrolls happily rolling along.


Accordion - hone fine motor skills as kids use expansion and compression to open pathways, build bridges and create stairways

Water & Barrel - test theories on what will sink or float to help Thinkrolls avoid water hazards and safely get where they need to go

Egg - experiment with force, acceleration and gravity to walk on eggshells or gently bounce and roll over an intact egg

Fan - give your ball a gravity-defying boost with some aerodynamic lift from a fan

Wormhole - take an out of this world sci-fi trip by selecting the right coordinates as balls magically teleport through maze walls

Battery - save your Thinkroll from a nasty electrical shock by carefully waiting for the circuit to switch off before coming in contact with a battery

Light bulb - enhance visual memory by quickly processing variables and remembering projected moves before the light goes out

Bonus - combination of all elements and physics concepts in even more complex puzzles


• 270 challenging levels with mind-sharpening puzzles
• 135 easy levels for ages 3-5, 135 hard levels for ages 5-9
• Experiment with gravity, buoyancy, levitation, electricity, density, acceleration
• Enhance logic, spatial cognition, problem solving, memory, observation and more
• Track progress for up to 6 player profiles
• 32 hilarious super smart characters to play with
• Supreme design - Original soundtrack
• Language neutral game-play
• COPPA compliant, no ads, no in-app billing

Localized in:
English US & GB, Español, Español (Latinoamérica), Português (Brasil), Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Svenska, Nederlands, ไทย, 한국어, 中國(繁體), 中文(简, 体), 日本語, हिंदी, русский, Melayu

Video and more info:

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How to install BrainMania APK at

BrainMania - Test Yourself

BrainMania is a fun and educational game that checks and improves logic thinking, math, time of response, hand-eye coordination and many more important tools.
BrainMania does not require any special knowledge so everybody can play it.
The feature includes: 11 different brain games( 2 logic, 3 memory, 3 math, 3 identification),
4 stages and all in a 4 minutes period of time, in which you exercise and enrich your brain.
Improve your brain by playing against other people around the world and try to beat them.
The game is connected to Game Center, Google Play and Facebook, so it will be best for you to play a lot and be at the top of your game.

So what are you waiting for?
Everyone else is already playing BrainMania!
Don't miss that chance to have toons of fun!
Let's begin and don't forget - always aim high!

How to download Peppy Pals Farm - Emotions APK at

Join four quirky animal friends on exciting adventures and learn about emotions and friendship. Whether they are happy, sad, scared, or angry - you can help! You will love the animals’ detailed animations and unique personalities, and there’s no text or language. This award-winning game is a FUN way to nurture a child’s emotional intelligence.

Download Peppy Pals and join Sammy (horse), Reggy (dog), Izzy (owl) and Gabby (rabbit) on an emotional and exciting adventure in a colorful and fascinating world, guiding them through relatable situations, playing with them, or enjoying a mini-game. With Peppy Pals your kids learn about empathy, social skills and friendship in a fun and playful way.

Peppy Pals is rooted in emotional intelligence (EQ) and has been created together with experts and EQ-psychologist. Being able to recognize, understand, manage, and communicate emotions are skills essential for your children to develop, and research indicates that these skills are an important factor for success and happiness, as well as reduce the chance of being bullied or bullying others.

Peppy Pals is a unique way of learning and exploring emotions and feelings without “right or wrong”, set in a relaxed and pleasant environment. Without text or language the focus is on high quality visuals and simple, fun and meaningful interactions. This means that Peppy Pals can be played by children all over the world, and also by those with special needs such as Autism, ADHD, and Asperger’s.

• Help the characters in various situations.
• Play with the animals and plenty of toys.
• Various mini-games and surprises.
• High quality visuals and animations.
• Rooted in emotional intelligence.
• Child-friendly interface.
• No text or language.
• No external links.
• No third party advertising.
• No in-app purchases.

- Named “Top 10 Most Innovative Entrepreneur 2015” in Sweden by SISP and ÅForsk
- Winner of Reach For Change "Sweden's toughest competition for social entrepreneurs”.
- Winner of the people's choice award ”Entrepreneur of the future" Svenska Dagbladet.
- Named one of the top 3 “Hottest start-ups 2014” in Sweden by Internet World.
- Nominated to "Newcomer of the year 2014” category mobile games by Mobile Business.

Peppy Pals makes fun and innovative educational games for children, focusing on emotional and social intelligence. Social issues like bullying are increasing all while children's social time is cut short by time in front of screens. Here is where Peppy Pals comes in. Our games help children develop their emotional skills in a natural and fun way. Peppy Pals can also let parents partake in their children's feelings, fantasies, and thoughts, working as a shortcut to questions and discussions about emotions.

As a Moms with Apps member, we follow the "Know what's inside" best practices for kids’ apps. Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

How to download Learning Kids Painting App! Toddler Coloring Apps APK at

This Drawing & Dance App is a creative space where your child can learn how to draw animals! Kids painting and coloring animals and then an animated animals are dancing. Pressing the buttons, choose the character's actions and creates your own dance.

How to install Dus Ka Power (2018) APK at

The contestant ca win up to Rs. 100,000,000/- by trying to correctly approximate the survey's results within a narrowing percentage range for up to four poll questions. In this round, the contestant was given similar questions and placed a range on a scale from 0% to 100% that included the correct answer.

Rs. 10,000 question: 40% range
Rs. 100,000 question: 30% range
Rs. 1,000,000 question: 20% range
Rs. 10,000,000 question: 10% range (answer won't be shown even if one answers correctly)
Rs. 100,000,000 question: One has to pick a number ( the question is the same one for 100,000,000 (question 4), but the contestant has to pick the number from the range you have selected in previous correct answer)

How to install Subway Train Cash Register ATM Cashier Games APK at

Kids it time to have real cashier adventure in Subway Train Cash Register ATM Cashier Games as this is era of best cashier games for girls and kids cash register games!

Get to whole new level of kids cashier games which is amazing combination of cashier simulator, time management games and subway train cash register kids games. Boost up your girl cashier skills gained from subway station manager and free cashier games to enjoy Subway Train Cash Register Simulator Games for kids.

Subway Train Cash Register ATM Cashier Games Gameplay:

 Welcome Customers to Subway Station Cashier Counter!
 Sell Arrival & departure Tickets on cash in Best Cashier Games!
 Use ATM machine to withdraw money on Subway Cash Register!
 Be a pro cashier to manage Cashier Register Counter & cash Machine!
 Weigh Customer’s luggage & charge cash accordingly at kids cash register!
 Boost your mathematical skills in time management games 2018!

Do you ever wanted to be best cashier Manager in town? Tenlogix is here to fulfil kids cashier dreams in train cash register games for girls and boys! Pro Cashier! Get ready for a busy day at subway train cash register kids counter and start handing cash machine & ATM machine sim in crazy cashier simulator subway station management games 2018! Subway Train Cashier Manager! Do not keep your customers waiting in long Subway station cash counter virtual queue in free cashier games for kids. Run Cash Register software Manager cashier simulator and mark your name as best cashier girl that no one can beat Subway train cashier in cash register sim 2018.

Subway Train Cash Register ATM Cashier Games Features:

 Exciting girl cashier levels in subway cash register games!
 Write Best cashier story in fun time management games!
 Show best Cashier skills and manager subway cash register!
 Run ATM machine & get instant cash in cashier simulator!
 Enter data in cash register simulator to get Subway train ticket!
 HD Graphics & animations in best cashier games for girls

Subway Train Cash Register ATM Cashier Game is made for all those kids cash register games players who want to get their hands on coolest kids cashier games available on google play store. Pro Cashier Manager Girl! Handle Subway Station Cash Counter and serve people who are there to travel to different cities of America. Train Cashier! Weight People luggage and give printed cash receipt from cash machine in best cashier simulator!

Hurry Up!! Download Subway Train Cash Register ATM sim cashier Games for free & give best services at station counter!

Storage: This permission is required to load and save game state on your device storage.
Phone State: This permission is required to adjust the behavior of app when you receive a call while playing it

How to download Mechanical Engineering MCQ APK at

Basic Mechanical Engineering Quiz (offline and online) is a quiz based application to learn the basic concepts of Mechanical engineering (basic mechanical engineering).
The App covers different topics of Mechanical engineering in detail.
Basic Mechanical Engineering Quiz (MCQ) is a Quiz based Mechanical awareness application to learn the basic concepts of Mechanical Engineering. About 2000+ selected questions to increase your knowledge in Mechanical topics . These questions are very useful for competitive exams as well as for technical interviews(mechanical interview questions). Mechanical Quiz app is well organized with topics such as Engineering materials,basics of mechanical, strength of materials, theory of machines,Engineering mechanics,Fluid mechanics, Heat transfer, steam engines etc

All the questions are selected to cover from basic to advanced concepts, so that any candidates can get maximum benefit out of it. We hope, Mechanical Quiz - MCQ App will be really helpful for candidates/student/interviewee

We hope you will like this Application to increase your basic mechanical awareness.

How to download Dr. Panda Restaurant 3 APK at

Be the world's best chef! Get cooking and serve delicious dishes! Show off your culinary creativity to impress your hungry diners, get rewarded and progress to become a real master chef!

Put on your apron and start the cooking as you get familiar with your fully equipped kitchen! Raid the refrigerator to collect your ingredients and begin preparing your favorite foods. Chop, bake, fry or BBQ, add condiments to customize and serve a perfect culinary creation!

It's all up to you as you learn to run your own restaurant! Welcome your hungry diners and introduce them to your delicious menu. Find the dish that's right for them, serve their order as they wanted and earn coins for making your customers happy! Will you be able to progress to master chef?

Meet all of Dr. Panda's fun friends in this exciting new game. Enjoy the beautiful animations and the fun reactions! Cook up some crazy food combinations or sneak a few extra chilies on their pizza and share some giggles as they gobble it all up.

Key Features:
- Unleash your creativity and be the best chef in the world.
- Over 20 ingredients and condiments to choose from!
- Learn how to run your very own restaurant!
- Make pizzas, burgers, pasta and more!
- Be rewarded and level up for your culinary talent!
- Master all the different kitchen tools!
- Play at your own pace with no time limits!
- Fun for toddlers, children, teenagers and adults alike.
- Safe for kids! COPPA compliant and no third party ads
- Try Dr. Panda Restaurant 3 for free!

Educational Values:
- Kids learn basic cooking methods for different types of recipes.  
- Get familiar with different ingredients and handy cooking tools.
- Become receptive to customer's facial responses based on what they like and don't like.
- Kids can role-play and develop storytelling skills.

Dr. Panda Restaurant 3 is a free educational game for kids offering in-app purchases to unlock additional content. These are one-time purchases which will permanently unlock the content for your account. Please check your device settings for more detailed parental options regarding in-app purchases, and feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have feedback or concerns.

Privacy Policy
As a designer of kids’ games, we understand how important privacy is in this modern, digital world. You can read our privacy policy here:

About Dr. Panda
Dr. Panda is a developer of games for kids. We develop games with educational values that help kids learn about the world. All of our games are safe and do not contain inappropriate content.

If you’d like to know more about us and how we design games for kids, visit our website If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at [email protected] or contact us on Facebook ( or Twitter ( or Instagram (

How to install Shopping Mall Girl Cashier - Cash Register Games APK at

A fun-filled fashion boutique shopping mall cashier game for all shopaholic girls out there!
Be a cool mall cashier girl to handle a rush of customers in girls shopping mall cash register game. Enjoy supermarket fun shopping and cash register management in mall cashier game. This kids educational app is all to experience mall shopping
with interesting store keeping activities.

Become a cash manager girl and own a shop to handle all the casual shopping in cash register game. Sell trendy outfits, costumes and routine grocery items to pretty girls in mall shopping game for girls. Deal with buyers as a shopkeeper girl supermarket cashier, calculate goods’ prices and receive cash in shopping mall simulator.

Attend all customers arriving at supermarket shop, create bills and serve them promptly in shopping cash register management game. Don’t forget handover electronic receipt to shoppers in supermarket cash register simulator. New supermarket game is a family game for children who like cashier games for girls.

Shopping Mall Cashier Game for Kids: Features
Supermarket fun kids games 2018 with shopping mall management fun
Sell dresses, costumes & fashionable items to girls in fun shopping game
Deal with a variety of shoppers & buyers in free cash register games
Calculate price of boutique items in cash management game for kids
Receive payments to generate receipt in mall cashier game
Download best supermarket cash register game for free

Mall cashier games are highly entertaining shopping games with exciting cash management activities for kids. From dress selling to helping customers purchase their desired products, mall cashier game is a free cash register game for kids education and learning. Acting as a real cashier girl in shopping mall game makes children feel like elders, the responsible and clever.

New cashier game for kids is not only a shopping game, it's also a time management game in which you need to handle every activity wisely. Drag and drop each item in cart to add up their cost and prepare a total bill in cashier game 2018. Show your best mathematical and calculation skills for generating an accurate invoice in cash register game. Learn to operate calculator, scanner and credit card machine to sum all products up in free cash register game.

Supermarket boutique cashier game is the best cash management game you have been looking for. By playing mall shopping game, kids can learn to handle cash and deal with customers like a shopping girl manager. Moreover, supermarket store cashier game lets children improve maths in a real-time shopping mall environment.

So, download and play our mall cashier games for the best shopping experience!

How to download Coloring Game: My Home APK at

coloring game: my home; includes 10 lovely houses, waiting for your artistry! imagine that you are the owner of these houses. how would you design them? use your imagination and make them moore funny!. you can zoom on the high definition graphics for a detailed coloring. the thickness and the opacity of crayon are adjustable. you can also save your work of art on your phone or tablet and share it with your friends! your parents and friends will be surprised across your talent! for more different coloring book themes and more educative applications/games click more game in the application.
keywords: coloring book, coloring, painting, funny painting, funny coloring, learning colors, educative painting, educative coloring, coloring game, painting game, kids game, game for kids, funny thing, painting sheet, coloring sheet, house, home, design

how to play: high resolution graphics of 10 different items allows you for coloring them in a large color scale and zoom in for detailed painting. you can set the thickness and opacity of the pen. if you want, you can save the painted graphics to your android phone or tablet. let’s show your talent!

free, no inner application sales
safe and funny 10 different coloring sheets
high resolution
zoom in option
opacity and thickness setting
saving results
privacy policy:
as a developer we understand you and share common concerns and declare "we are not collecting any data of our users”. please feel free to contact us.
all rights reserved. © 2014 educa games development

How to install Space Royals: Princess and Son APK at

You are the head of the royal family of a new planet along with being the ambassador of humankind. In the future, Space Princess gives you a chance to be the princess alongside your son, the prince.

Space Princess takes place in the future where you get to take on the lead role of the princess of a royal family that rules not only a planet but must work to be the ambassador for humankind. You will need to greet your citizens, but to inspire confidence in your rule and your son’s future rule, it is necessary to have a royal makeover.

How to Play:
• Pick your space princess
o Charlotte, Rachel, Georgina, or Kate
• Pick your son the space prince and future king
o Richard, Carlos, Andrew, or Edwin
• Makeover your royal family
o Pick the best futuristic clothing to dress up the royal family
o Find the coolest tools to give the perfect makeover
o Enjoy a variety of styles and choices fit for royalty
o Mix and match styles to have endless fun
• Always stay fashionable while ruling in outer space

As the Space Princess, you will rule not only over your royal family but a whole planet. Be prepared to look the part by undergoing a royal makeover for you and your son.

Lots of fun. Don't miss OUT. Play it now for FREE!

How to download Sea Animals Coloring Book APK at

Ocean and Sea Animals Coloring Book for Kids.

Welcome to the game where you’ll find a wide variety of sea animals coloring sheets. Here are pictures of mammals, shellfishes, fishes, crustaceans, reptiles, jellyfish,starfish,seahorse,crab,octopus,sharks,whales,sea turtles,dolphins, and other creatures living in the seas and oceans around the world. We hope that our coloring book will help your child get acquainted with the underwater life and explore the sea animals. All images presented here you can download free and save.

Very cute sea animals coloring pages for preschool and pre-k/kindergarten age kids to learn ocean animals and develop motor skills. The cartoon sea animals coloring pages are so fun for kids to color. Our coloring book are completely free for individual users and educational.

How to download Zee's Arabic Word Adventures APK at

Zee’s Word Adventures is the latest app in the very popular AppyKids #1 Arabic learning series!
This fun and educational Arabic/English game is geared towards older children, ages 5 and above, who are learning how to read, write and spell words in Arabic.
Zee’s Word Adventures is free to download and comes with one word set ready for you to practice spelling.

Zee’s Word Adventures will transport you around the world and teach you how to spell Arabic words. You will spell your way from city to city visiting Dubai, New York, Paris and many other exciting places.

It all starts with Zee’s map, you’ll see the cities to visit and all the words you’ll learn how to spell.
Each destination has a set of words attributed to it (word-set). For each word, you have to choose the correct letters and place them to their corresponding space in the word. Arabic letters change shape according to their position in a word - you can see the change happening as the letters connect to one another! The words are of varying difficulty.

With each word completed you will see the fuel gauge on Zee’s airplane fill up, this enables you to move on to the next word.
Spell the words correctly within the allotted time and you are rewarded with stars. Earn three stars and receive an interactive souvenir.
Your passport is stamped as proof that you have successfully completed that level.

- Engaging method to teach Arabic spellings
- High-quality animation and beautiful graphics
- Regular additions to word list
- Helps build vocabulary, assist word spelling and develop fine-motor skills

This edutainment gaming app is easy-to-use and is a wonderful learning tool that children can interact with on their own or with the help of a parent or teacher.
Your kids will have a great time playing with this app, especially after learning the Arabic alphabet in Zee’s Alif Ba and learning how to write each letter in Zee’s Alphabet!

How to install Coloring Big Vehicle APK at

coloring game: big vehicle includes 10 lovely coloring sheets, waiting for your artistry! tug boat, airplane, cement truck, truck, crane, bulldozer, dump truck and train. all of these are ready for coloring. you can zoom on the high definition graphics for a detailed coloring. the thickness and the opacity of crayon are adjustable. you can also save your work of art on your phone or tablet and share it with your friends! your parents and friends will be surprised across your talent! for more different coloring book themes and more educative applications/games click more game in the application.
keywords: coloring book, coloring, painting, funny painting, funny coloring, learning colors, educative painting, educative coloring, coloring game, painting game, kids game, game for kids, funny thing, painting sheet, coloring sheet, truck, crane, air plane, bulldozer, car, dump, train, plane, big.

how to play: high resolution graphics of 10 different items allows you for coloring them in a large color scale and zoom in for detailed painting. you can set the thickness and opacity of the pen. if you want, you can save the painted graphics to your android phone or tablet. let’s show your talent!

free, no inner application sales
safe and funny 10 different coloring sheets
high resolution
zoom in option
opacity and thickness setting
saving results
privacy policy:
as a developer we understand you and share common concerns and declare "we are not collecting any data of our users”. please feel free to contact us.
all rights reserved. © 2014 educa games development

How to download School Girls - Spelling Bee APK at

The spelling bee competition is tough, and you need to look your best as the best student takes the stage. Spelling Bee mixes a school vocabulary competition with fashion!

Kids will love the chance to show off their knowledge of words while getting pampered at the spa. The fun and educational game will allow you to style the teacher and contestant for the big event. There are a lot of people that follow the large spelling bee contests every year, and being on television is pretty serious. Are you ready to find your favorite styles to see how well-dressed you can make your teacher and student?

How to Play:
• Select your choice of teacher
• Select your choice of student speller
• Treat them both to a fun time before the competition
o Have fun at the spa
o Create a fun look with makeup during a makeover
o Play dress up with some fun outfits
• Wow the school with an awesome spelling bee performance

Just because you know all the vocabulary words and how to spell them doesn’t mean that you don’t enjoy a fun day at the spa and makeovers. This is a fun app that keeps education entertaining and fashionable! Download it today!

How to download Escaleras y toboganes APK at

Escaleras y toboganes es un juego de trivia para dos o más jugadores, los que tendrán que ir avanzando en un tablero de cien casilleros. Este juego está diseñado para uso en un entorno laboral, con el objetivo de reforzar contenidos de prevención de consumo de drogas y alcohol. Más información en y

How to download Flower Coloring Book APK at

Every child likes coloring games very much, which can motivate and develop children's imagination.

Coloring Flower Pages is a funny coloring application for children.
This is a wonderful coloring game for kids with more than 30 cute pictures drawn by our artists, your kids will surely be excited and attracted.

You can play together with kids. Choose one pictures, colors and fill them. It’s really simple, right?

We insert English vocabulary into each picture with pronunciation based on Oxford standard, which helps kids remember new words better and pronounce correctly.

Moreover, Coloring Flower Pages is a kids game also support kids to identify colors when playing.

- Children's coloring book
- Kids learn pronouncing English
- Kids coloring,kids paint
- Sharing images of kids coloring with friends
- Saving in SD card
- Setting as wallpaper
- Figure study
- Coloring materials, color mixing

Coloring therapy for adults. Choose your favorite color and give your special touch to lots of beautiful drawings. Take care of your mind in a relaxation exercise with the best coloring book for adults app

This game has been primarily designed for toddlers,preschool and kindergarten children but it's equally great for your baby or infant and even for older kids. It is kids toys and gifted education

Flower Coloring Books for Toddlers is a flower color games. Many flower images. This is a game for all the your baby, child or toddler that love to paint. Start coloring now with flower coloring pages. We hope your children will love this game. Enjoy!!

How to download Pet Party - Puppy's New Home APK at

Are you longing for the addition of a sweet pup in your life? This is the perfect app for you to explore the joys of having a puppy. Are you ready to be a pet parent?

Find out today with My Pet Buddy: Puppy's New Home. Go through all of the fun stages of pet adoption when you bring home a beautiful pup from the shelter. Pick out the cutest puppy and throw them a fun party to welcome them home. Show how much you care and love your new pup by doing all the things that new pet parents do: buy lots of toys, find the best food, and give them a fun makeover. Don’t forget to take a little time for yourself with some fun dress-up activities. Then, it’s pup party time!

How to play:
• Select your character from several pretty girls
• Select the most adorable puppy to adopt
• Decorate your home for the adoption homecoming to welcome your new pet
• Design and draw a fun banner for your homecoming party
• Decorate your room to get it barktastic for the puppy
• Add food and puppy toys for your new dog
• Dress yourself up for the homecoming party
• Give your puppy a makeover to get ready for the party
• Have a spectacular time

My Pet Buddy: Puppy's New Home is a great game that will give you all the joys of pet ownership when you go through the pet adoption process without the potty training or shoe chewing.

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How to install Fair Food Maker Fun Party Game APK at

Over 10,000,000 MILLION people love playing our free games, download right now and see why.

Have you ever wanted to make your favorite fair foods like Milkshakes, Kettle Corn and Hot Dogs? Well now you can. Not only can you make milk shakes, popcorn and hotdogs, you also get to play tons of fun party games like balloon pop, water gun blast and klinko.

Download today and get all of the new food maker games and partying games absolutely free.

How to install Candy Apple: Kids Food Game APK at

It’s time for Candy Apples! Halloween is on its way in this interactive cooking game, and it’s your job to make sweet and delicious candy apples for the holiday.

Pick the freshest and most ripe apples to start making your dessert. Dip each of your beautiful apples in a sweet candy coating like caramel and chocolate. Then, roll the tasty treats in sugar, toffee and fruit. Top each apple with tons of different decorations and make them look yummy. Change the colors of the sauces to whatever you want. Make the ingredients match or mix it up like a rainbow!

You can also flavor your candy coating with your favorite tastes. Select from sweet and fruity flavors like strawberry, watermelon and cotton candy. The choice is totally up to you. Be sure to let the apples dry. And when you’re ready, take a big bite of your own creation. They’re sure to be delicious because of your talented cooking skills.

Product Features:
- Lots of sweet toppings to make your own candy apples
- Cooking and decorating levels
- Pick colors and flavors for your scrumptious apples

How to Play:
- Tap ingredients you want to use on your candy apple
- Select from tons of toppings and decorations
- Finish cooking and show off your beautiful dessert
Cooking Entertainment is a studio dedicated to provide quality food games to everyone who enjoy the art of cooking. Our vision is to extend the entertainment value of cooking from real life to your mobile devices in the States and across the globe

How to download ARkids (science) APK at

This is 1 of the chapter in ARkids. This chapter let the kids learn science in a fun way. By using AR (Augmented Technology ) , kids will enjoy by playing and learn at the same time. This can be a good learning tool for parents to spent their time teaching kids at home.This apps also can help teachers in kindergarten as learning tool to teach kids about science.

How to download Dogs: Children Coloring Book APK at

If your children like cute animals and coloring games, "Dogs: Children Coloring Book" is fun, cool and one of the best games for them. This is free, cool and fun game for all toddlers, preschoolers and kids who love mobile games and are aged 2, 3, 4 or 5 years old.

"Dogs: Children Coloring Book" includes 36 pages to color in 2 collections of animals games. First collection includes 26 pages with cute dogs and puppies. Second collection includes 10 pages with cute cats and kittens.
In Free Version of this coloring book 12 pages with animals are for free. If your kids will like this fun game you can unlock all pages buy in-app purchases.

- 36 fun and cool images with cute dogs and cats to choose from, that all kids will love. 12 images of animals available for free in Free Version
- 35 different colors pens to draw
- Recommended for toddlers, preschoolers and all kids aged 2, 3, 4, 5 years old
- Easy to use by kids, user friendly interface
- Share pictures on facebook, twitter, e-mail etc.

How to install Renkler Şekiller Sayılar APK at

Ana renkleri basit şekilleri ve 10 a kadar olan sayıları öğrenmek için oyun. Bu oyun ile çocuklarınız renkleri şekilleri ve sayıları eğlenerek öğrenecek. Çocuk kitaplarının elektronik hali olan bu oyun ile renkler şekiller ve sayılar artık çok daha interaktif ve eğlenceli.

How to install Cara Cepat Hafal Al-Qur'an APK at

Cara Cepat Menghapal Surat Al-Qur'an

Dalah Kisah Nabi dan kisah Rosul dikisahkan bahwa Al-Qur'an diturunkan kepada Nabi Muhammad SAW sebagai pedoman umat islam terdiri dari 30 juz dan 114 surat
Cara Cepat Menghapal Surat Al-Qur'an adalah aplikasi yang akan mengajarkan anak-anak muslim untuk menghapal nama-nama surat Alquran tersebut dengan metode yang sederhana dan menyenangkan

Dalam aplikasi game belajar membaca Al-Qur'an ini, anak-anak diajarkan untuk menghapal nama-nama surat Al-Qur'andari mulai surat Al Fatihah beserta artinya.
Saat memulai game anak muslim dan game anak sholeh ini, anak-anak harus memilih salah satu gambar nama surat Al-Quran kemudian gambar tersebut akan diacak dibuat potongan-potongan. Selanjutnya anak-anak harus menyusun gambar kartun tersebut hingga menjadi gambar utuh kembali. Saat gambar itu akan terlihat jelas nama surat Al-Qur'antersebut beserta artinya

Dalam game ini akan ditampilkan 50 nama surat dari 114 surat

Ayo download Cara Cepat Menghapal Surat Al-Qur'an dan ajarkan pada anak-anak kita

Ayo belajar membaca hijaiyah, belajar membaca Alquran, belajar membaca Iqro dan jadilah anak sholeh

Selamat mencoba dan semoga bermanfaat

How to download Fire Truck Game for Young Kids APK at

Sound of the siren is coming ! Nows your chance to be part of an awesome fantastic fire fighting fun game with Fire Truck Game for Kids Free!
Enjoy all the awesome puzzles, match games, block games and memory games including real life sounding fire trucks with flashing lights.This game is totally interactive and is designed for ages 2 and up!

When you download the Fire Truck Games Toddler Free Activity App you’ll get a fire station full of fun activities including:
Fire Station & Firetruck Sound Flashcards
Firetruck Puzzles
Firefighter Matching Games
Firefighter Block Game
Fire Truck FUN CAM
Fire Fighter Flash Cards

The first stop for fun in the fire trucks games for toddlers is the interactive amazingly fun flashcards. Just a tap will take them to a cool interactive moving picture that is sure to delight. And when they tap the moving icon in the kids firetruck games it will not only say the word on the flashcard but make the sound as well! They will hear fire truck sirens, a fire truck sound, a fire truck horn, and so many more, and the fire truck sirens and lights are interactive fun for all ages.
Firetruck Puzzles
The next spray of fun in the fire truck app fire truck game for children is the cool fire truck children's puzzles. These awesome firetruck games are designed for ages 4 & up and have no time limit or sound element, so your little ones can concentrate while they play, just like when they are building a real puzzle. They are engaging fun and playing the fire truck kids puzzles also encourages:

-Fine motor skills
-Reasoning and concept development
-Early math skills
How To Play
Tap “Randomize” on any puzzle and it will magically shuffle. And if your little hero doesn’t like the look of that one, just press Randomize again to reshuffle. Another child friendly feature is an option to view the picture of the puzzle at any time, so if they need help it’s there!
*Some other fun ways to let your little hero’s under the age of 4 play is:
1. Count the vehicles, clouds, dogs and the other cute things in the pictures. Ask what color they are, what’s bigger or smaller, and what’s on the top and bottom of each picture.
2. Let them tap randomize, slide a few pieces and then tap the back button. This is a simple way to introduce them to using an app, develop fine motor skills, and it’s very entertaining for them to see the train puzzle scramble.

Seriously addictive for any kid of any age and we think this will keep them quite for days and if we do so by including numerous activities in one fun packed app

-Super Awesome Fire Truck Sounds
Pick from awesome fire fighting car or fighter and see what the sound will be - can you guess it? Yes that's how fire fighters sound and in ultra stunning graphics

-Memory Match Games
Match fire fighting icons, trucks, badges, hats and much much more over 20 items to try and pair - the ultimate mind stimulation game for kids and it really tests their ability to try and recall !!!

- The Puzzling Puzzle
Tired of sounds and memory testing - well try out our awesome addictive puzzles that have 3 difficulty settings the harder the more tiles there are in the puzzle, this one is sure to keep the little one pre occupied for days

-The Blocky Block Builder
Even more fun than you can predict try the block game and see if you can beat your friends high scores. Super Addictive , Super Fun, Seriously Awesome

-Need More
What more do you need - it's 100% free no sign up fees no nothing absolutley free and you don't have to pay 1 cent because there is no things to buy within the app so the little one wont be spending your hard earned money !!

Download today and see if they like it - More fun apps coming

How to download Fashion Stylist - Fall Glamour APK at

It’s time to show off your warm weather fashions before summer ends! Fall will be here before you know it, and once the autumn leaves start falling, you’ll have to put away those tank tops, summer dresses, and shorts! Take advantage of the warm breezes for the last few times, and show off your style!

In Fashion Star – Summer Fiesta, celebrate the final days of summer by making a style statement that fashion blogs can’t ignore! Use the spa to clean up, pamper your skin, and pick out the perfect look. With tons of makeup to choose from, put on the cutest eye shadows and lipsticks to match your outfit before styling your hair just right. Finally, choose the fashions that will make your statement! Will it be a cute summer dress? A cute top and shorts? Make the right choices to be a teen fashion star!

Product Features:
- Summer fashion themed makeover game.
- Easy to use controls to select items and dress up.
- Spa features to get a relaxing facial.
- Cute makeups from eye shadows to blushes.
- Pretty hairstyles including curls and up-dos.
- Hot summer styles of all types!
- Mix and match to find the perfect end of summer style!

How to Play:
- Use interactive controls to play the game.
- Visit the spa to clean up, do makeup, and choose a hairstyle.
- Pick out a beautiful outfit.

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How to install SmartFun APK at

Smart’Fun est une plateforme en ligne qui offre deux jeux interactifs pour les enfants à partir de 5 ans et plus.

Ces jeux interagissent avec ton smartphone et ton ordinateur en simultané !

Télécharge vite l’application mobile, utilise ton smartphone comme une manette et gagne des points en explorant les jeux sur l’écran de ton ordinateur !

N’oublie pas de partager ton score avec tes amis sur les réseaux sociaux !

How to download Lost Pet Rescuer: Find My Dog! APK at

Having a best friend pet pal is the best thing in the world! Gracie is so excited because it’s her dog Sammy’s birthday, and she wants to throw a party for her best buddy. Before setting up for the party, Gracie takes Sammy on a fun walk, but silly Sammy gets loose and gets lost! Can you help her find him?

In Lost Pet, tag along with Gracie and explore downtown to find that crazy dog Sammy. She couldn’t have gone too far, but who knows with a pup so curious? Follow her path of messes to catch her before she gets lost forever. She’s messed up the neighbor’s garden! She knocked over the bookstore’s shelves! Sammy’s having a good time on the run, but with your help, Gracie can bring her pal home just in time for her party!

Product Features:
- Lost pet adventure pet rescue game.
- Easy to use controls: just tap to select!
- Many levels to pass and find Sammy.
- Rebuild Mrs. Snow’s garden Sammy messed up.
- Sort the books she knocked over at the bookstore.
- Clean up her messes while you search for her.
- Find her in time to throw a big party!

How to Play:
- Use interactive controls to play the game.
- Complete each level to fix Sammy’s messes.
- Beat all the levels to find Sammy and bring her home!

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How to install Summer Closet - Beauty Salon APK at

Summer holiday brings a whole new range of styles great for the beach and warm weather. Whether you’re lounging in the sunshine or walking along the sand by the sea, dress as the pretty princess you are! Take advantage of the best salon in town and find the perfect style for your summery holiday!

In Summer Princess, head straight to the salon and give yourself a pretty makeover that will have all the boys looking all summer long! Let the warm spa soothe your skin and relax you, then choose the perfect makeup and hairstyles to combat the summer heat. Finally, dress in awesome styles! Long, flowing dresses feel great in the warm breeze. Cute shorts and tanks work well for a day at the beach. There are tons of styles to choose from! Why not try them all?

Product Features:
- Summer themed beauty salon game for girls.
- Easy to use controls for girls of all ages.
- Beautiful styles for the beach and summer sunshine.
- Relaxing spa tools to clean and pamper your face.
- Tons of cute lipsticks, eye shadows, and other makeups.
- Fun curly hairstyles, straight locks, and detailed up-do’s.
- Endless styles to dress up in! From long dresses to cute casual fashions.

How to Play:
- Use interactive controls to play the game.
- Visit the spa to clean up and relax.
- Choose makeup, hairstyles, and outfits.

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How to download Fire Truck Games For Kids Free APK at

Sound the siren! It’s time for some fantastic fire fighting fun with the Fire Truck Games for Kids Free! Enjoy fire truck memory games, fire house flashcards including the sound of a real fire truck siren and lights, totally cool firehouse puzzles, and a fun firefighter themed camera filter that you can take silly pictures with!
When you download the Fire Truck Games Toddler Free Activity App you’ll get a fire station full of fun activities including:
Fire Station & Firetruck Sound Flashcards
4 Firetruck Puzzles
4 Firetruck Puzzles
4 Firefighter Matching Games
& Fire Truck FUN CAM
Fire Fighter Flash Cards
The first stop for fun in the fire trucks games for toddlers is the interactive amazingly fun flashcards. Just a tap will take them to a cool interactive moving picture that is sure to delight. And when they tap the moving icon in the kids firetruck games it will not only say the word on the flashcard but make the sound as well! They will hear fire truck sounds, a fire truck horn, a fire truck siren, and so many more, and the fire truck sirens and lights are interactive fun for all ages.
Firetruck Puzzles
The next round of fun in the fire truck app fire truck game for children is the cool fire truck children's puzzles. These awesome firetruck games are designed for ages 4 & up and have no time limit or sound element, so your little ones can concentrate while they play, just like when they are building a real puzzle. They are engaging fun and playing the fire truck kids puzzles also encourages:
-Early math skills
-Fine motor skills
-Reasoning and concept development
How To Play
Tap “Randomize” on any puzzle and it will magically shuffle. And if your little hero doesn’t like the look of that one, just press Randomize again to reshuffle. Another child friendly feature is an option to view the picture of the puzzle at any time, so if they need help it’s there!
*Some other fun ways to let your little hero’s under the age of 4 play is:
1. Count the vehicles, clouds, dogs and the other cute things in the pictures. Ask what color they are, what’s bigger or smaller, and what’s on the top and bottom of each picture.
2. Let them tap randomize, slide a few pieces and then tap the back button. This is a simple way to introduce them to using an app, develop fine motor skills, and it’s very entertaining for them to see the train puzzle scramble.
Fireman Memory Games
The fun never stops in the firetruck game for kids free, and the memory games are sure to delight. The fire trucks free games features a fire truck memory game that will keep your little one super happy!
Fire Truck Fun Cam
In order to take totally awesome fire fighter photos, all you have to do is press play on the last tab labeled fun cam.
Then choose the take photo button and start snapping away! Just slide to the next filter to enjoy some good ole' firehouse fun!

Take a slide down the pole and hop on the fire truck of fun in the Fire Trucks Games for Kids Activity App and let your child have fun learning through play with this Leap The Frog App!

How to download Jero Quiz 2.0 APK at

¿Te gustan los jeroglificos y rompecabezas que vienen en los diarios y periodicos?

Disfruta ya del mujor quiz de jeroglificos de todo Google Play.

Un jeroglífico es un tipo de acertijo lógico gráfico. Es un pasatiempo que consiste en descubrir una palabra o frase a partir de una serie de imágenes o signos dispuestos en un recuadro. Los signos pueden consistir en letras, números, notas musicales, etc. y para la construcción de la frase es relevante tanto su significado como la posición relativa entre ellos. Generalmente, la resolución constituye la respuesta a un enunciado dado.

Para muchas personas los jeroglificos son el mejor pasatiempo que existe.

Disfruta ahora con mas de 100 jeroglificos totalemente Gratis.

How to install Bridal Party - Wedding Stylist APK at

Prepare for your beautiful wedding by trying on gorgeous wedding dresses to find the PERFECT one! The flower girl is here today and she needs to pick out a cute dress to match our dream gown! But first get a spa and makeover so that you can try out your wedding gown in stylish glamor!

It's your big day so make sure its absolutely perfect!

Product Features:
- Dress Her Up: From bridal shower to wedding to delivery, the bride wants to look gorgeous all the time!
- Dress Up The Flower Girl: The little baby girl wants to look stunning for her walk down the aisle! Make her pretty like the flowers she carries!
- Pick your favorite bride: Anabelle, Margaret, Dorothy, Pam
- Pick your favorite flower girl: Jasmine, Roxanne, Wendy, Jennifer
- Tons of styles to try out!
- Match the bride and flower girl in amazing bridal dresses!
- Do their hairstyle in stunning wedding hairdos.
- Finally accessorize their hair and give them lovely jewels!

How to Play:
- Easy to use controls
- Tap to select, swipe to drag objects to your characters!
- Test your fashion and stylist skills!

Lots of fun. Don't miss OUT. Play it now for FREE!

How to install City Cycle: Romantic Bike Date APK at

Get on your bikes and ride! Biking is the fastest and healthiest way to get around the city. Pick your favorite character and prepare her for a race around the city with her boyfriend.

First, stop by the spa for a facial, an eyebrow trimming and moisturizing mask. Relax as you take in the lovely atmosphere of the spa. Next, take the pretty girl to the salon for a makeover. Choose the best colors of makeup to compliment her features and skin. Pick the best hairstyle for cycling around the town. With so many styles to choose from, your choice could be tough!

When she’s ready, choose the right outfit for her adventure. Choose from various jerseys, dresses and shorts. Pick the best outfit for the sport to make sure she’s comfortable and stylish as she pedals her way through the city streets with her boyfriend. Watch out as they race each other to see who is the fastest. No matter who wins, she’s sure to look her best!

Product Features:
- Dress up four main characters: Tiffanie, Claire, Paula and Teresa
- Three fun levels: Spa, Makeover and Dress Up
- Enjoy a lovely day with your boyfriend. Choose from Isaac, Henry, Karl or Lewis

How to Play:
- Pamper your character with a trip to the spa
- Choose from all kinds of makeup to make your character look pretty
- Select the right outfit for bicycling around town

Come visit our:

How to download Prom Salon 2 APK at

Romance is in the air! Prom is right around the corner and you’ve got to be prepared to make a splash that night! The whole school will be there, so it’s time to show your date and your classmates how bright you can shine.

In Prom Salon 2, head straight to the spa to get ready. Treat yourself to a relaxing mask and cleansing before deciding on the perfect makeup and hairstyle. Will you wear your hair up or down? Will it be straight or in curls? You can even design your own unique dress for the big night! The beauty salon has everything you need to make your night perfect!

Product Features:
- School prom themed beauty salon game.
- Spa feature to clean up and make your skin shine.
- Tons of pretty makeups to choose from.
- Cute hairstyles for any taste.
- Design your own unique prom dress for the big night.
- Pick out your handsome date to take!
- Take a photo at the end of the night to remember this romantic dance!

How to Play:
- Use interactive controls to play.
- Visit the spa to clean up, do makeup, and fix your hair.
- Choose and design a gorgeous dress!
- Grab your date and head to the prom.
- Take a picture of yourself and your date.

Wanna have more fun? Having problems or suggestions? We would love to hear from you!

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How to download AÁBC APK at

Dát app lea vuosttas oassi AÁBC-app:as ja viiddiduvvo dađistaga. App:a galgá leat veahkkin álgolohkan oahpahusas. Oahppit besset oaidnit, gullat ja čállit sámegiel bustávaid ja sániid.
Prošeaktajoavku: Tim Valio, Lars Abrahamsen, Bente Martinsen, Aina Kristin Linbæk, Tor Persen ja Kirsten Wirkola
Gráfalaš bargu: Liisa Helander
Programmerár: Tim Valio

Sámediggi lea resurssaid juolludeamiin bokte dahkan vejolažžan čađahit dán prošeavtta.
Sámi earenomaš pedagagogalaš doarjalus (SEAD)/Davvi Statped 2013

Ohcansánit: sámegiella samegiella samisk saami aabc alfabehta lohkan lohkat álgolohkan algolohkan oahppat mánáidgárdi manaidgardi mánáide mánná manna

How to install US States Map Quiz for Fun APK at

Do you know where your state is? Learn the US States throgh this fun game. It should be fun and challenging for you. Let's try!!

How to install Best Teacher Ever! Kindy Kids APK at

Have you ever wanted to be a teacher? Being a kindergarten teacher is lots of hard work but also tons of fun! You get to help kids learn by teaching them important things and then have fun reading stories and singing songs with the class. What are you waiting for? There’s an opening at the local school, and you’re the perfect one for the job!

In Kindergarten Teacher, get ready for your first day at work as a teacher! Visit the spa to relax and pamper your face before a long day with the kids. Browse and select beautiful makeup to wear and then choose a pretty hairstyle to match. There are tons of outfits to wear and try on, so pick out the perfect one for your first day of work! When you’re all dolled up, head to work and teach your class their first lesson of the day!

Product Features:
- Teacher themed beauty salon game.
- Easy to use controls to select items and dress up.
- Choose a character: Vanessa, Jane, Lisa, or Angela
- Choose a child to teach: Vince, Shane, Jodie, or Maxine
- Relaxing spa to pamper yourself and clean up.
- Beautiful eye shadows, lipsticks, and blushes to wear.
- Gorgeous hairstyles from up-do’s to flowing curls.
- Tons of outfits to wear from skirts and dresses to pants and tops!
- Mix and match your favorite styles!

How to Play:
- Use interactive controls to play the game.
- Choose a character and a child to teach.
- Visit the spa then choose makeup, hairstyles, and outfits!
- Be an awesome teacher!

Lots of fun. Don't miss OUT. Play it now for FREE!

How to install Vampire Doctor: Baby Care Game APK at

Where do new vampires come from? From vampire mommies, of course!The vampire princess is pregnant and she needs your help. Travel to her castle and help her through the birth of her adorable, little monster.

Play doctor and monitor the mommy vampire’s vital signs using medical tools like a stethoscope, heart monitor and an ultrasound. Be sure to give her plenty of Vitamin C to keep up her health. Even vampires need nutrients!

Once the baby vampire is born, knit cute, gothic clothes to keep the tiny vampire cuddly and warm. Dress her up and care for her with pacifiers, diapers and bottle. Entertain the infant vampire with a rattle. Maybe you’ll even get to see her take her first steps, her first flight and maybe her first bite!

When mommy is feeling well, dress her up too and make her look beautiful. There’s nothing more fun than celebrating the birth of a brand new baby.

Product Features:
-5 stages of mommy and baby care
-Use doctor tools to care for the mysterious vampire and new-born infant
-Name the baby and dress her up
-Play mystical music to help mommy and baby relax
-Spooky castle backgrounds, perfect for a vampire!

How to Play:
-Tap the screen and follow the directions to use the tools
-Knit socks, hats and cardigans for the new-born
-Select dress up items for each character to make them look

Lots of fun. Don't miss OUT. Play it now for FREE!

How to download Kids Learning English Numbers APK at

Toddlers and kids love to play games right ? Our concept is to teach them 1 to 50 and more English Numbers while they are playing a simple and easy game. Whether your kid is in kindergarten, or going to attend preschool, this is a great idea to teach English Numbers to your children. What parents need to do is to start the game and let your children watch the screen, a small girl come across all the beautifully designed Numbers while she is on her way to school. This game has a educational and child friendly soundtrack. We kept sounds for all numbers so that you(parents) can sit behind your children and teach them all Numbers one by one. Later, your kids can practice them. It is a top best and must have educational app for all kids. After playing all numbers game, your children will be able to read, write and draw any number starting 1 to infinity. Learning to Count with these fun Counting numbers games will help your baby learn faster. Learning numbers is the first step to learn mathematics. Its a free app, so no investment required.

How to play our kids numbers game ?
Actually, its fun and easy. Touch anywhere on the screen to move the girl. You see the pictures of the numbers starting from first number 1 to all numbers. You can hear the sound of each number name when the girl touch it. Kid reaches school when all numbers are finished. New numbers pack will be unlocked when kid finishes the game. Additional Features : We have full collection of numbers starting from 1 to 1000. Your kid can both learn and practice them. When you finish the game, go to " Learn " tab or " Practice " tab, select the interested number pack and install it for free.

Available Number Learning Packs in this game:
*Learn 1 to 10 Numbers,
*Learn 1 to 25 Numbers,
*Learn 1 to 50 Numbers,
*Learn 1 to 75 Numbers,
*Learn 1 to 100 Numbers,
*Learn 1 to 500 Numbers,
*Learn 1 to 1000 Numbers.

Available Number Practicing Packs in this game:
*Practice 1 to 10 numbers,
*Practice 1 to 25 numbers,
*Practice 1 to 50 numbers,
*Practice 1 to 75 numbers,
*Practice 1 to 100 numbers,
*practice 1 to 500 numbers,
*Practice 1 to 1000 numbers.
Click the Alphabets Button in main menu to install and teach alphabets to your kids. Please check the attached screenshots for more information.

About us : We design the best free educational games for Children under the age of 5 years which improves their learning skills and knowledge. We always make sure our games are family Friendly. So all your family can sit together, teach alphabets and numbers to your kids while playing a game.

How to download Kids Transport Puzzle Free APK at

Honorable Mentions in Best App Ever Awards 2013

Every parent try hard to make their child familiar to the transport system. Now the task has become easier with this new application. Your child will learn the transport system while playing. This unique application will keep your child hooked for hours. It will not only help develop your child's motor skills but will help them understand the parts associated with a vehicle in fun way.

On completing a puzzle, an interactive animation will be displayed as a reward. A perfect blend of education and game.

Age: 2+ years
Puzzle: 15 Vehicles with over 100 pieces of puzzle giving endless hours of play time.
Language: English
Version supported by Ads, to remove ads buy pro version

Note: We love creating apps, and want to keep them free forever. In order to keep our development running we are releasing version supported by Ads.

How to download Outback Kids APK at

Divirta-se com a turminha do Outback em 3 joguinhos cheios de aventura!

Resgate dos bichinhos
Ajude a turminha do Outback a voltar a seu habitat natural!
Você deverá controlar um helicóptero para resgatar os animais australianos que estão na cidade e levá-los de volta ao seu habitat natural.

Pula Canguru

Ajude o Kangoo a chegar ao topo da árvore.
Você deverá ajudar o Kangoo a pular bem alto para chegar ao topo da árvore. Recolha objetos pelo caminho para aumentar sua pontuação!


Sinta a emoção de ser um piloto de Rally
Você deverá desviar das pedras e buracos da pista para cruzar a linha de chegada. Recolha objetos na pista para ganhar pontos!

How to install Putt Putt Club: Mini Golf Kids APK at

Show of your junior golfer skills by having a fun day out with your family. A warm sunny day like today is perfect for a mini golf adventure in the outdoors. Grab your family and friends and let’s go! You can show them who the real putt putt pro is!

Product Features:
- Fun mini golf adventure full of mini games.
- Easy to use controls for kids of all ages to play.
- 7 stages to complete, each with a cool activity!
- Clean up and get ready for the big day.
- Decorate your own score card!
- Play mini golf!
- Fix broken putt putt obstacles!
- Sort your mixed up items.
- Dress up and take a fun photo to remember all the excitement from the day!

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How to install School Trip Fun Activities APK at

Give some relaxation to your kids from their busy school life. Adventurous School Trip is the best option to give some enjoyment and relaxation to your children. School trip is very powerful, strong & attractive teaching tool for kids extracurricular activities enhancement. Visiting & discovering new place of environment is helpful all the time for unique learning. In this kids game we included lots of fun activities. In school trip simulator kids will learn about gathering with teacher and friends.


1. Bus cleaning

Its school trip time but first we have to clean the bus in which we will go for a picnic. Kids will learn about cleaning.

2. Attendance

In this activity school teacher will take the attendance so that she can decide how many kids are present.

3. Pool Repair

In the road, there will different activity first is pool repair. Kids will learn how to repair the pool with this activity

4. Fun in the bus

Have fun with your friends and teacher. play different games and sing the nursery rhymes

5. Tent making

Most creative task is tent making. first clean the ground and collect the woods for camp fire. then fix your tent. Living in tent is really fun. Kids will learn new experiences with this kids game.

6. Fishing

Fishing is always fun. Tap on the fish and put it into the basket. kids will learn how to catch the fish.

7. Take a Lunch

Kids open your lunchbox and give some food to your hungry stomach. Eat healthy food like fruits, sandwiches etc

8. Hide & Seek

This is best fun outdoor activities for kids. Play hide & seek with your friends and have fun.

9. Back to the home

After having so much back to your home. Your school bus will drop you to your home.


* School trip will help to improve self confidence and self esteem in adventurous kids.
* Best outdoor activities for kids
* Learning educational game for kids and toddlers
* Lots of fun activities
* Attractive graphics images

Download this School Trip Fun Activities games and have fun!

How to install Street Ice Cream Shop - Summer Beach Carnival APK at

You can’t stop thinking about one frozen dessert in the summer! yeah it’s ice cream. Everyone loves to eat yummy ice cream in hot summer. Are you one of them who loves to eat ice cream? Come and visit our Street Ice Cream Shop. Ice Cream truck is waiting for you kids! come and join Summer Beach Carnival in this hot summer and feel cool by eating yummy and delicious IceCream. Taste different yummy ice cream in this IceCream maker game.

Get a chance to make different trendy ice cream with this frozen cooking game. You can make a ice cream like classic ice-cream, Waffle ice cream, Sunday ice cream, fruit ice cream and Belgian waffle. All ice creams are different in taste. All you have to follow the basic steps to make ice cream. just collect all ingredients in bowl and freeze it, give your favorite shape with your favorite fruit flavor. Be a crazy chef and surprise your friends and family members by cooking yummy sweet dessert in the hot summer. Ice cream is a really summer chiller food.

Ice Cream master is a free cooking game for kids, girls and even for adults.


* Ice cream truck is a free kitchen cooking game for kids and girls
* Enjoy five different ice creams: Classic IceCream, Waffle IceCream, fruit IceCream, Belgium IceCream, Sunday IceCream
* Best frozen food maker game
* Be a crazy chef and surprise everyone by making yummy IceCream.
* Decorate your ice cream with different ice cream
* Open your own IceCream maker shop in this summer
* Serve your ice cream to your kid IceCream or virtually eat it
* Share your hidden cooking skills with your friends via social media.

Download this Street Ice Cream Shop - Summer Beach Carnival game and have fun in this hot summer! Download it for free.

How to install Потешки малышам плеер APK at

*** Самый большой каталог аудио потешек!!! *** Работает без интернета !! *** Самое главное без рекламы!
Еще раз повторю приложение полностью бесплатное, так как делал для своей доченьки и сыночка

Похож на детский телефон с песенками, на экране изображены картинки из потешек. Ребенок сам может включить потешку

В нашей коллекции мы собираем самые известные русские потешки для малышей. Они наполнены добротой и заботой! Также мы еще добавили скороговорки и стишки.

Думаю сборник этих мелодий будет лучше, чем белый шум и поможет ребенку намного быстрее заснуть! Музыка для сна помогает расслабиться и настроится на хороший сон!

Если понравилась приложения поставь 5 балов, это лучшая благодарность! Напишите в отзывах какие потешки для самых маленьких нам еще добавить.

How to download Frosty Beauty Queen: Icy Party APK at

The princess is lonely up in her cold ice castle. No girl friends, no one to talk to, just big piles of snow that stretch out across the kingdom. What can you do to help the princess feel better? Give her a makeover, of course! Frozen Queen: Beauty SPA Salon gives you all the tools you need to turn this ice princess into a beauty queen. Give her a new dress, shoes, makeup and hairstyle, then watch her smile as she runs out across the ice and snow in the kingdom! With this brand new makeover, this Frosty Beauty will throw an amazing party and become popular with so many friends!

The princess needs your help to look beautiful again. Start by washing her hair and rinsing it clean, then pick out some nice ice and snow themed hairstyles for her to wear. Apply makeup to her pretty face, just the right amount so all the girls in the kingdom will be jealous! Pick out the best dress and shoes to complete her outfit.

- Help the lonely princess find friends with a complete makeover for a fun party!
- Choose a new dress, shoes, jewelry and accessories.
- Give her ice and snow themed makeup and hairstyles.
- Make sure she's the most beautiful girl in the kingdom.
- Get all the girls jealous about her shiny new shoes!

How to Play:
- Wash, rinse and dry the princess' hair and choose a style.
- Dress her in new clothes, including skirts, gowns and jewelry.
- Design a new makeup look to complete the makeover.

Wanna have more fun? We would love to hear from you!

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Or on Twitter at
For more information about Hugs N Hearts, please visit
For more information about Frosty Beauty Queen, please visit

How to install Face Painting! Make Up Artist APK at

The carnival is in town, and you’ve been selected as one of their new models! Face painting is huge for carnival visitors, ad it’s your job to dress up to impress the crowd so they’ll want to get their faces painted, too! With tons of options for paints and costumes to choose from, you’ll always have something new and cool to wear. It’s an amazing dream job you’ll never want to leave!

In Face Paint Salon, prepare yourself for a day working at the carnival by dressing up to entertain the guests. Paint your face with makeup in beautiful patterns, themes, and colors before picking out cool animal costumes. With so many options, you’ll get to perform as all sorts of creatures every day! No job has ever been this fun!

Product Features:
- Carnival costume themed beauty salon game.
- Easy to use controls to paint and dress up.
- Tons of colors and makeups to paint your face.
- Amazing costumes to dress up in for the carnival.
- Use your creativity to impress the guests!
- Model in front of the carnival crowds!

How to Play:
- Use interactive controls to play the game.
- Do makeup perfect for the carnival.
- Dress up in fun costumes of animals.

How to install Учим цифры. Числа для детей APK at

Легко научится считать, различать цифры и проверить свои новые знания в увлекательной игре.

How to install Kids Funny Games APK at

Educational and entertaining game for your kids.
We gather your children favorite games
Favorite pairing, painting, puzzles, finding hidden objects, finding the differences, numbers, you can play a lot of games like finding is different.
I have eaten plenty in total and there are different activities under each section.
Are you ready to have fun?

How to download -4+4 INTEGERS FREE APK at

App to learn or to remember how to add / subtract integers in a fun and entertaining way. You can share your high scores with friends!

How to install Türk Alfabesi - Türkçe Alfabe APK at

Afacanlara Türk alfabesini öğretmek için en eğlenceli yol. Çocuklarımıza akılda kalıcı resimlerle ve anlatım yardımıyla Türk dilinin 29 harfini öğrenmesi için oyun ortamında bir eğitim sağlayan alfabedir.
Uygulama sayesinde alfabeyi öğrenmek çocuklar için inanılmaz kolay ve eğlenceli olacak.
Eğitimi daha çekici hale getirmek için müzik ve anlatım mevcuttur; böylece uygulama çocuklara daha yakın olur.
Ana özellikleri:
- Etkileşim ile büyük ve küçük harfleri öğrenmek.
- 29 farklı nesne ile harfleri eşleyerek bu nesnelerin bu harflerle başladığını öğretmek

Bu alfabeye çocuklar bayılacak. Rengarenk alfabe ve diğer uygulamalarımızı incelemeyi unutmayın.

How to install Logical Cards - world APK at

Now that Your child, learning cards, learned of the inhabitants and subjects of the world, we provide you the opportunity to develop his logical thinking, which is very important for the child.

In a series of children's development and educational applications (tutorials and kid developers) puzzle games are very important because they develop abstract thinking, attention, memory, imagination, speech.

Our Logical card - is a logic game with a wide range of tasks. In the window directly card you will see 5 images to the left and 5 on the right, between them will need to find a logical connection is to pick up a pair. To do this, simply drag the picture from is that right) on the picture from the left column. Each question (task) as the voice, so even a child who is not yet able to read can work independently with the application.

Now available cards on the following topics:
- toys
- items
- verbs
- adjectives
- words and sounds
- profession
- food
Also there is the possibility of self-control.
Cards are available in Russian and English languages.

The development of logic is the development of the ability to allocate the main thing, to generalize, to compare, to determine the properties of objects: shape, color, size. To answer the question the baby will need to determine the characteristics and properties of different objects or of objects and to link this knowledge.

How to install SAI Actividades Infantiles APK at

Creadas para explorar los ecosistemas y la cultura creativa de diferentes etnias indígenas Colombianas, las actividades infantiles SAI (Saber ancestral indígena) introduce al niño en el mundo místico y natural de los ancestros, con juegos entretenidos y bellamente ilustrados.

Cada actividad permite explorar escenarios, animales, música, iconografía y artefactos que promueven el conocimiento de las diferentes culturas, estimulando las habilidades cognitivas del niño, permitiéndole retener la información que ha recibido sensorialmente.

Las actividades incluidas son:

- Actividad de memoria

- Escenarios para componer con animales y vegetación propias del lugar.

- Juego musical con canciones tradicionales de los indígenas colombianos.

- Juego de pintura facial, artesanías y arte rupestre.

- Rompecabezas.

- Glosario incluido.

How to install Elif Ba Space Adventure APK at

Learn Arabic letters with this cool puzzle platformer game.

In this game, we are driving our spaceship to collect the letters.

Solving puzzles and evading enemies, portals, gears, rockets, fired asteroids etc.

3 different control style: Buttons, Accelerometer, Joystick

29 levels + 1 Boss level

Multi language support is coming soon.

Good luck...

We are waiting your comments!

How to install The River Test APK at

The River test is an IQ test or intelligence test is actually an examination of one’s short-term memory, spatial visualization, verbal knowledge, and perceptual speed.

The following are rules which apply:
The raft can take only two persons at the same time.
The father cannot stay with any of the daughters without the presence of the mother.
The mother cannot stay with any of the sons without the presence of the father.
The thief (with striped shirt) cannot stay with any family member without the presence of the policeman.
The raft can only be operated by the policeman, the father and the mother\n

How to install Fun Mental Math Trainer APK at

Improve your logical skills by solving simple maths and get better at coping with everyday's number problems! Choose between two modes, with other new modes being added soon!

30 Questions Mode:
You are confronted with 30 calculations and have 5 answers to select from. An example would look like this:
- 5 x 9 = ? (five times nine equals what?)
- 8 / 2 = ? (eight divided by two equals what?)
- 7 - 3 = ? (seven minus three equals what?)
- 6 + 1 = ? (six plus one equals what?)
Solve the tests and try not to make any errors or miscalculations, because those will be added to your final time you needed to complete the course at a value of five seconds per mistake. As you can imagine, the shorter the amount of time, the better the result. You are also able to compare your stats to all the other users' of the app (if you decide to share statistics and highscores through Google's leaderboards).

Time Trial Mode:
The objective is pretty easy: You have 60 seconds to solve as many basic math calculations as possible. Don't worry that you may struggle or that the difficulty may be to high: As long as you already acquired the knowledge of basic math principles taught in elementary school, you are good to go! The main subject of the app should be seen as a constant helper to get better and faster at the logical tasks our brain is facing every day: Calculate sums, subtractions, multiplications and divisions in your head without any problem or wrongly estimating.

Pure mathematics that help you regardless of your profession or area of interest: Natural science, physics, chemistry, economics or scientific forecast; everything is connected with basic, linear arithmetic! To get better at almost anything, improving the average skill of crunching numbers and reckoning are fundamental!
Make this a daily workout routine and you'll have measurable success and improve really fast. Proof: Just look at the progress charts and statistics that are included in the app to see how you got better over time.

This game was created by Marius Gerlich, the developer of the famous ZigZag, published by Ketchapp.

How to install Masallar Masallar APK at

Masallar Masallar uygulaması, çocukların hayal dünyalarında canlanacak en özel hikayeleri sunuyor. Kültürümüze yer edinmiş sesli masalları dinleyerek, çocuğunuzun telefonla geçen zamanını değerli bir hale getirebilirsiniz. İnteraktif ve sesli masalların dışında uygulamada yer alan eğitici kartlar ise çocuk gelişimi açısından uygulamamızın diğer bir artısı.

Sesli masalların yanında interaktif masalları da bulabileceğiniz Masallar Masallar uygulamasında, her biri farklı bir öyküyü barındıran, farklı yankılar uyandıracak birçok masalla dinleyenler arasında bir bağ oluşturuluyor.

Dinlemeyi seven herkes için çok keyifli, çok dokunaklı masalların yer aldığı Masallar Masallar uygulamasında yer alan oyunlar ile eğlenceye giriş bileti alabilir, matematik oyunu ile çocuğunuzun eğitimine katkıda bulunabilirsiniz.

Anahtar kelimeler: çocuklara masallar, hikayeler, sesli masallar, sesli masal, bulmaca oyunu, matematik oyunu, masallar masallar

How to install Animal Sounds Quiz APK at

Listen to different animal sounds and try to identify which sound belongs to which animal. With more than 50 animal figures, we have developed this educational game in order to help children learn the animal sounds – You will not only have joyous moments but also you will be able to identify animal sounds.
Being very easy to use, this application has a “Listen & Find” button – All you need to do is tapping on the button, listen to the animal sound and tap on the correct animal picture.
The application is suitable for all children over the age of 1.

Download this address and later versions for Android LOLLIPOP.

How to download Superhero Baby Care Simulator APK at

My mommy is a superwoman! She is the greatest super heroine in the city and she is having a new baby! That means your baby is a superhero babe! Help this super pair disguise themselves in amazing uniforms! But first, make sure super mommy and baby is happy and healthy before they go to complete their top secret missions and fight crime!

Product Features:
- Many tools to use: blood pressure monitor, stethoscope, themometer, weight scale, vitamin c pills and ultrasound!
- Knit little superhero clothes for your newborn baby.
- Give mommy the right type of food she craves!
- Name your baby when she/he is born!
- Once baby is born, the most challenging part is on the way; remember to check their temperatures and give them a good bath, use soap and dry baby with a towel.
- Then dress up your super mommy and baby in the cutest and most fashionable clothes! Will you make them match?
- Lastly, take a photo to remember such an amazing experience.

How to Play:
- Use interactive controls to select items and perform tasks.
- Take care of the actress until the baby is born.
- Perform check-ups on mommy and baby.
- Take care of baby and mommy when infant comes home.

Lots of fun. Don't miss OUT. Play it now for FREE!

How to install Girl Car Parking 3D APK at

Cars are a passion for men even addiction for some.
 Therefore cars are usually designed by men.
 But we made the game we thought to women and girls in the car park.
 So I wonder how successful women in the car?
 Drivers always good male sturdy? Now is the time to show it.
 With easy controls that anyone can play easily.
 An exciting gaming experience with 3D graphics.
 Your task is to park the car in the desired location.
 You must be fast as possible because when parking your limited time.
 Screen, gas, brake, gear, and you will see the steering wheel emblem.
 To complete the task using them.
 Parking places are shown in the park emblem and arrows.
 The game is over when you hit the obstacles and walls.
 Timing is important when moving from one crosses barriers.

    Features :
 - 3D graphics
 - High resolution
 - Easy touch control
 - Quick games
 - Real physics game
 - Fun park
 - Moving obstacles
 - Dual camera
 - Real sound effects

How to install IPA 1 SD Gratis APK at

IPA kepanjangan dari Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam.

Dalam pelajaran ini para siswa mempelajari interaksi antara manusai dan alam sekitarnya, serta segala sesuatu yang berhubungan dengan alam.

Aplikasi ini berisi kumpulan soal soal pilihan ganda, dengan adanya aplikasi ini di harapkan dapat menciptakan siswa cerdas penerus bangsa.

Fitur :
- Gratis
- Banyak latihan soal (240 soal pilihan)
- Fungsi share, kasih tau teman teman juga yaa
- Pembagian soal berdasarkan smester
- Beberapa musik klasik, untuk membantu penyerapan belajar anak anda

Akhir kata, selamat belajar dan menjadi cerdas

How to download PPKN 1 SD Gratis APK at

PPKN kepanjangan dari Pendidikan Pancasila dan Kewarganegaraan.

PPKN merupakan salah satu mata pelajaran wajib siswa siswa SD (Sekolah Dasar) kelas 1.

Aplikasi ini berisi kumpulan soal soal pilihan ganda, yang berguna untuk siswa sebagai latihan soal, guna menghadapi ulangan maupun ujian.

Fitur :
- Banyak latihan soal (176 soal pilihan)
- Fungsi share, jangan lupa beri tau juga teman teman
- Pembagian soal berdasarkan smester
- Beberapa musik klasik, untuk membantu penyerapan belajar anak anda

Akhir kata, selamat belajar

How to download DayCare Explorer - Hug and Dug APK at

DayCare explorer - An educational exploration game that is thoughtfully planned for little kids imagination. It is recommended for children three to six years old.

Hug and Dug Preschool academy skill : Problem Solving

DayCare explorer is a game where toddlers and preschoolers can explore life inside a kindergarten, having fun and discovering realistic daily situations in a preschool environment. In this colorful, interactive preschool matching game, little kids get to enjoy and get familiar with numerous preschool daily activities, . We created the game as an open environment so kids could experience things freely, with no rules or restrictions that limit a child’s imagination. Moreover, little kids learn new English vocabulary and new words that are important for their age.

Daycare Explorer helps little kids with:
- Learning activities for preschool kids in a daycare environment
- Matching activities & puzzles- Kids match play objects with their matching day care sites.
- Pretend play. Educational scenarios prepared for children cognitive skills that help them with nursery scenarios.
- Preschoolers learn English words of different day care objects such as toys, and utilities.
- Increase child imagination by decorating the day care center.
- Teaching kids about preschool environment by playing a game about it.


While having fun, kids practice daily kindergarten situations that may help them prepare emotionally and cognitively for preschool life:

· Playing in the yard with friends
· Saying farewell to parents
· Comforting a friend in need
· Using the toilet
· Playing with building blocks
· Preparing the breakfast table

Day care Explorer is a child safe game
There is no advertising or personal data collection
We don’t interfere with game play with marketing or inappropriate advertising
The Game is free to try with an in-app purchase to unlock all game features

Developed with the help of educational psychologists.
Each of the game matching events and elements were created with the consultation of an educational psychologist in order to fit the cognitive abilities and motorical skills of young children. The game was created for both individual and shared play. It can be used by parents, caretakers and even therapists as a tool for preparing a child for preschool or to facilitate communication with a child about his preschool experiences. While playing with a caretaker the child can share experiences and feelings about their own preschool and learn more about how to deal with common everyday situations.

How to install 四則演算ゲーム-30秒で何問解ける?- APK at


式はA + □ = BとなっておりAとBに自動で数値が当てはまるので、式を完成させる□に


How to download Kids Memory Game: Fruits APK at

A memory game developed and designed to make scientifically proven that regular mental exercise in recent years.
Memory of the memory game artırabilirlig largely been proven scientifically. This memory game;
Mind games, memory, can help to improve your memory is a classic memory game.
Memory game for children, which is one of the best applications. Two playing the same card will develop your ability to find and memorize cognitive. Do your performance compared to other members and follow your progress with your friends.
Located in Memory Game Memory game; memory skills, is a great way to improve concentration and cognitive skills! Aim at the touch of a minimum card and to match all the cards in the shortest possible time in the game. Two identical cards will improve your ability to memorize cognitive and memory while playing the game to find out.
Download Memory Game is one of the best games for kids and enjoy! Instant our children Spontaneous Perception and Visual Photographic Memory is a fun game for development.
You also measure your memory with a memory game, which made the game for you! Find more fruits clicking two squares at a time.
This is perfect for you and your child an excellent instructor mind "brain training" will be activity. It is absolutely free and the best brain training for you and your children.
There is no limit to the age and brain power. These children and adults, is a free game for people of all ages.
memory can greatly increase. This application is designed to do just that!
* It strengthens your memory.
* It increases your focus.
* Improves your intelligence.
* Develops logical thinking.
* Easy simple and fun.
* Visual memory with different difficulty levels.
Good luck ..

How to download Keisha Star Dress Up APK at

Dress Up This game will uncover each girl a stylist.
In this game for girls dress up games you can create an external image for a virtual girl model, combining a myriad of options of clothes, shoes, accessories and hairstyles.
Most of the girls in the youth loves to play with dolls, decorate them. In our game you'll get a virtual model, which you can dress up, too.
This game is dedicated to women's favorite hobby - to dress up. By combining different clothing options and finding the appearance of the virtual model, you develop your design skills and learn to apply them professionally.
Demonstrate that you can in terms of design and style, choosing the dresses, hairstyles, shoes and accessories.
I liked the game? Help her to develop! Your comments and suggestions will be included in future releases!
In our game play is very simple, because gameplay consists of only a pair of actions - dressing and taking pictures of objects items. To dress a thing - just drag it to the girl model.
If you liked this game, then study our other games. To please you - that's our job.
Thank you install the game. We hope that you like it and you deserved it for evaluate.

How to install Ball Game - For Babies APK at

- Your toddlers, children and kids will learn different ball types in a funny way!
- Will be favorite game of 2-4 years old babies!
- Increases eye-hand coordination of babies!
- Teaches ball types with a professional pronunciation.
- Toddlers will have fun with this simple ball game.
- High quality ball icons and simple interface for babies.
- This game has a slow change of images for babies to improve their focusing abilities.
- Adjust volume as you wish.

ball types are: football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf, soccer and baseball

How to install Princess Fashion Doll Girl APK at

The beautiful princess has a lot of makeover and dress up to be done for her photo-shoot and ramp walk. Work your best fashion style for the princess in your own salon to make her the most beautiful in the ramp walk so that she can win. A good fashion makeover starts with a good design, a cute outfit, skirts, ear rings and a beautiful cap. Pick and choose your favourite fashion style along with a perfect hair style and get her ready for the huge day ahead.


Be the owner of your own princess fashion makeover salon.
Many different dresses to choose from having beautiful style.
Create a beautiful hairstyle which matches her beautiful ear ring.
Click beautiful photos for the princess after getting ready.
And at last go for a fashion ramp-walk with so many other different participants.

How to install Math Camp APK at

Help your children in mastering calculations and well-rehearsed and enjoy playing at the same time without getting bored .
Help your children to get the best grades in the subject of the account , and the practice of arithmetic operations better in his daily life .
Monkey looking for his favourite food , helped in solving mathematical operations in order to get his food .
The game is divided into five sections : adding, subtracting and multiplication and division and all operations

Addition and subtraction facts : 20 stages , the first 10 stages ranging in difficulty until the number 100 , an increase of 10 numbers after each stage , the second 10 stages gives the result and you figure out on of the two numbers in the operation

Multiplication : 20 stage , ranging in difficulty in the multiplication table , even multiply 12 × 12

Devision : 20 stage , ranging in difficulty until No. 144, is the opposite of multiplication

All operations : 20 stage , ranging in difficulty for all calculations randomly .

** To assess your child's performance **
1 - Points are calculated in each phase depending on the speed of the child to find the correct answer .
2 - you have three lifes , a heart turned out if the child made ​​a mistake in finding a solution , and at each stage are allowed a maximum of 3 mistakes and in this case it would not get any star.
3 - To be able to compare the performance of the child in the calculations of different stages of selection page has the all stars and the total sum of points obtained by the child in each section "highscore".
Note: The game is free and in order to support us Evaluate the game.
* Waiting for your rating, comments and suggestions and any ideas educational games for children.

How to install Таблица умножения для детей APK at

Наше приложение в игровой форме позволит Вашим малышам освоить таблицу умножения. В разных режимах ребенок сможет в интерактивной форме освоить умножение на каждую цифру в пределах 10, а красочная графика не позволит скучать будущему маленькому гению. Режим автоматического воспроизведения позволит изучать таблицу умножения без дополнительный действий.
В режиме для проверки ребенок сможет закрепить полученные знания.

How to install Halloween Mansion - Spooky Haunted Monster Home APK at

The spookiest season of the year has come! Are you brave enough to cross the stranded garden and discover what creatures inhabit the old Halloween Mansion? Don't be afraid, you're just a cemetery away from knocking the door!

The creepiest creatures alive -- and the undead ones as well -- just love this time of the year: eager to have many unexpected visitors looking for some good live horror show! The mansion is haunted, yes. The moonlight and fog make it scarier, yes. And there is no candy corn at the end. We're doing this in the name of good old Halloween mystery!

Ready for passing by a Jack-o'-Lantern and find out what scary pranks awaits you? Knock the door, tap the windows and ring the doorbell to meet the supernatural inhabitants of this crazy house. Check all funny reactions from the Frankenstein, the Ghost, the Vampire, the Werewolf, the Witch and others!

Many items to collect! Annoy the monsters enough to get funny objects such as spellbooks, magic wands, movie scripts, frankenstein’s body parts and much more. Get them all!

Check your favorite reactions at any time by using the coins you get. Tap the door, the doorbell or the windows to get more coins!

• Completely FREE to play
• Funny illustrations, animations and sound effects!
• Comic creatures: the Frankenstein, the Ghost, the Vampire, the Werewolf and the Witch

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

How to download Pony Run APK at

Help the little pony to run away and escape. Let the pony run and jump away to freedom by avoiding many challenging obstacles.
Collect golden stars and Dress Up your pony. Dress Up your pony from mane to tail in tons of cool cute clothes and accessories!
Choose fabulous hairstyles and sparkling jewelry!
Choose cool tattoos or draw tattoos with 6 brushes!

Dress up and play exciting games with the ponies.
Pony games:
- Puzzles;
- Pony Racing;
- Flying;
- Apple-Gathering;
- Draw Tattoo.


The Nigerian INFO GAME is borne out of the need to create awareness of the greatness of the Nigerian Nation, in terms of History, culture and heritage.
With the NIGERIAN nation having about 20 Million of its citizens in Diaspora, it is essential to create a fun way of knowing more about the giant of Africa.
Likewise, with little attention giving to NIGERIAN Current Affairs Education, AKETBABA an indigenous Organization is championing the cause for educating the NIGERIAN citizens about the Wonderful Nation – Nigeria
The App is free, with a Premium Version also available and can be downloaded.
Thanks !!!


Oentoek menjamboet dari pada Hari Proklamasi kami telah loentjoerken dari pada aplikasi
INDONESIA RAJA jang dapatlah di oendoeh setjara pertjoema tiada berbajar satoe sen poen.
Adapaoen disamping terdapat lagoe INDOESIA RAJA, di dalemnja joega berisiken dari pada
soeara Presiden SEKARNO jang telah membatjaken dari pada itoe TEXT PROKLAMATIE KEMERDEKAAN.

Djikalo Sodara/Sodari mempoenjai kritiek dan saran tentang materie jang ada pada ini aplikatie, silahken oentoek menghoeboengi developer.

Semoga ini aplikatie dapetlah membangkitken semangat berbangsa dan menjauhken dari pada penjakit negara yang menghinggapi sebagian dari pedjabat poeblik en politieknya jaitoe KORUPTIE dus mengingatken kepada kita semoea bahwa bernegara adalah tanggoeng djawab bersama. dimana distriboesian dari pada kesedjahteraan adalah hak bersama warga negara, boekan hanja monpolie Partej Politiek, pedjabat politiek en Pedjabat Poebliek sadja.

Serta toejoean Bernegara adalah bukan hanja membius rakjat dengan djargon djargon keadilan en kemakmoeran sadja akan tetapi mentransformatieken hal terseboet dalam realitiet goena mentjiptaken peradaban, keadilan, kemakmoeran setjara bersama boekan hanja oentoek individoe sadja.

Ini semoea kalimat boekanlah tjeramah akan tetapi hanjalah mengingatken kepada semoea sodara jang mangsih menginginken keberadaan STAAT INDIESCH setjara bergenerasi dan toeroen temoeroen.


Salam Merdeka
el soerjo

Untuk menyambut hari Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia Él Suryó menghadirkan Lagu Kebangsaan Indonesia Raja (raya).
adalah aplikasi yang dapat diunduh secara gratis,
halaman 1
Tetap Merdeka Boeng = Bernyanyi (play)
Halo boeng = Pause (pause)
Proklamasi Boeng = Halaman Proklamasi Soekarno Hatta

Halaman 2
Soeara Soekarno - Hatta = Play
Halo Boeng = Pause
Slamet Berjoeang Boeng = Kembali ke halaman 1

terimakasih telah memberikan dari pada rate untuk aplikasi ini
Viva Rakyat Indonesia.



This Indonesian Anthem is for free.


Halo Boeng = Pause
Tetap Merdeka Boeng = Play
Proklamasi Boeng = Next page

page 2

Este Himno Indonesia es gratis.

Pagina 1

Halo Boeng = Pausa
Tetap Merdeka Boeng = Play
Proklamasi Boeng = Pagina 2

*****v 1.02
Pagina 2

Con el texto de la Proclama, que fue leído por Soekarno y Hatta

gracias por usarlo y la tasa de esta aplicación.


How to install Great Fredd APK at

Have fun with this game based on the console Fabulous Fred of the 80's.
Try to outsmart your phone (if you can) or if not put to scream like a little girl.
So far only available the "play", but soon will include more features to this great game.
This is the first version of the game will be updated periodically.

How to download Let Me Grow APK at

Flowers, gnomes and ducts have one purpose: to wet, soak, dip, drench, irrigate the turf for the thirsty plants foliage to bloom and smell scent in the steep parkland.

This new and free game Let me grow will make you a virtual gardener! Just like in "FarmVille" you have to make your flowers bloom again by leading the water supply in their direction. Move the anicuts so the water flows towards them, but be careful that the garden gnomes are not watered as well. Try the different taps to lead the water supply in the right direction. To find the proper combination, you will have to puzzle over the possibilities and use your logical thinking.

The flowers and their foliage and thirsty because of the arid weather. It is so warmth that the foliage of the flowers will burn down. Only the midget, dwarf and the pipeline are immune to it.
You, my gardener, are the only hope! Use your brain to guide the water so that it can soak, wet, irrigate,steep, dip and drench the arid turf and the plants foliage so they won't be thirsty anymore. Don’t you want a beautiful scent smelling parkland? Be aware! The attractive gnomes with their sympathetic fez don't need to touch water. They are built of clay and if they go wet they start to dissolve. Therefore use smartly the ducts and the anicuts to irrigate, soak, dip, steep, drench, wet just turf and the plants with their arid foliage.

✔ 100% addiction (You will be addicted after the first two levels)
✔ 100% educational for developing the logical thinking
✔ Awesome HD graphics
✔ 28 levels with ascending difficulty
✔ Cool top quality sounds
✔ Last but not least addictive educational entertainment

★ If you drench, soak, wet, irrigate, steep, dip the turf and the plants with their arid petals keep an eye for omitting the gnomes. As they'll dissolve in water!
★ A good gardener always reduces the exaggerated warmth of the plants with ducts or pipelines to keep them healthy
★ There's no time at all. You can think how much you wish or just dream of the perfect parkland with dipped, steep, drenched, irrigated, soaked turf and plants that are no thirsty anymore and smell incredibly scent and perfume.

Having problems with Let Me Grow? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you! You can connect with us through this email [email protected]